Janat Eye Of Round R-T-C

Janat Eye Of Round R-T-C

All Beef in Janat is a fresh, NOT frozen beef that has never been frozen. It is also slaughtered today and selected according to the highest quality standards and slaughtered at the governmental and official slaughterhouses under all the regulatory and health authorities. it is slaughtered on the Islamic Sharia to distinguish our customer with quality and safety. Janat Eye Of Round R-T-C is a thick cylindrical strain of low-fat fiber characterized by a relatively light color of pink red known and weighs an average of 1750: 2000 grams it is the most appropriate piece of the work out rosabeef as it has been mixed Janat mix of garlic and wrapped well with food dopers to alow our customer to A quiet fire for a long time with a little water, with onions, carrots and vegetables that are preferred for the family. Then cut into strips or slices 1: 2 cm in fish and served with brown sauce or with the same cooking vegetable sauce It can also be served coldly with thin slices in cold meat sandwiches
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