Terms and Conditions of Al-Janat Company

Welcome to our good customer and always the first success partner in the website of Al-Janat Company.
Our goal through our website is to save the time and effort of our customers in obtaining high quality and continuous nutritional products according to the scientific worldwide standards, which contributes effectively not only to controlling the monthly budget, And/Or in the client's enjoyment of a guaranteed product, the source of the content of the processing in a healthy and safe manner. Therefore, our good customer and the first success partner, the use of the site is subject to certain conditions and provisions, which we ask you to read carefully, each user of the website agrees to the terms of use.
The terms and conditions include the terms of the application through the website and the knowledge below and are directly linked to the privacy policy and other policies of Al-Janat Company.
Al-Janat website offers products, products and special offers to enable our dear customer to view the approximate and approximate product description as well as its features available through the website. The registration of the customer for the purchase order and its acceptance by Al-Janat Company is a promise (not a contract) By both parties in accordance with the price offered and the terms and conditions.
General Terms
The Terms and Conditions are the governing rules governing the use of Al-Janat Company for both the purchase of goods and products or the free round or the handling of any service provided by Al-Janat Company.
These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice by Al-Janat Company. The new terms and conditions (after being changed) are timely and therefore Al-Janat Company advises its valued customers and visitors The Terms and Conditions are periodically published from time to time on the Site. Your use of the Site expressly and expressly reflects your agreement to this Agreement. Failure to review this Agreement shall in no way alter your implied consent to its validity. You agree to comply with all applicable legislation in relation to your use of the Site and acknowledge the accuracy and accuracy of the information you provide to us in order to ensure that you are served in an optimal manner. You also acknowledge that you do not rely on any statement, deed, statement or guarantee that has not been assigned to you in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.
Terms of ordering via the website or telephone
Al-Janat Company is always happy to serve you 24 hours a day, but reserves the right to accept or reject all or some of our order orders, which have been ordered for any food product or any of its services through the website and within the range Provide services according to the declared and predefined geographical distribution by Al-Janat Company via the website.
A registered user's request is a purchase order and a valid promise for any food or service (once this request has been registered and accepted by Al-Janat Company through the website or telephone) and is also a valid promise by Al-Janat Company Food items or other food services that have been requested for purchase. This promise ends as soon as it becomes an oral contract by automatically providing items or services upon successful delivery as it occurs.
All requests made by us at www.janatonline.com or via telephones) ( +20-102-993-2224 and +20-102-993-2225 ) or Is available for personal use only and the buyer is not entitled to resale or deal with these items that have been purchased for any other party under any name except in accordance with a contract guaranteeing the rights of everyone including the last user to obtain a high quality health product under the slogan Al-Janat Company.
Al-Janat Company works on the delivery of its products to the hand of its valued customers in the best possible pictures and conditions according to the best conditions available for production, packaging and distribution. The pictures of the products or services on the website are subject to special design processes. In the same image as the images shown on the company's website.
Only registered users are entitled to full and secure application service through the website and many other benefits. Therefore, Jannat Company encourages its customers and visitors to register themselves and register or register via Facebook so that they can serve the request through our website and many other promotions when registering on the site. By agreeing to register our dear customer, you consent to the transfer, storage or processing of your information in accordance with the terms and conditions and privacy policy as indicated and you confirm that you have either completed 18 years of age or have the consent of your parents or legal guardian and are fully capable of The Convention and all its terms and conditions. When you register yourself or your application through our website, Al-Janat Company considers that you or your parents or guardians have accepted and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.
For the convenience of Al-Janat Company, its unique products will be delivered to all its customers in a convenient and convenient manner according to their place of residence and in any quantity determined by the customer. All applications via the website or telephone are not subject to the minimum order quantity system, Which are determined according to the company's assessment according to the location of the connection from the nearest outlet, as well as control according to the offers available in the loyalty program of the partners of success, whether they are individuals or companies or entities or institutions or according to the general offers of the company in a general destination and which are developed periodically.
Al-Janat Company operates according to internationally recognized scientific and quality standards, so our valued customers have a key role in maintaining this high level of quality. Html.Raw (Co) invites them to schedule their food products according to It is available from time tables in the website which enables them to obtain a high quality product at competitive prices. The product has added value to the quality, health and safety of food provided by specialized experts who fairly rewarded the advertised price.
The website of Al-Janat Company, as well as all means of communication and communication according to quality standards and high security, but the company does not bear the slightest responsibility for the unavailability of the site or any of the means of communication at any time or period may not be available any of them. Communication with the Site or Telephone may be temporarily disabled and without notice. In case of failure, maintenance or repair of the system or for any reasons beyond the control of Al-Janat Company including Force Majeure, Al-Janat Company assumes no responsibility for Any malfunction, suspension or interruption of the site or telephone lines, communication or communication, but will work hard to restore channels of communication of all kinds stated or communicate as soon as possible if interrupted or disrupted.
Al-Janat Company is keen that its high quality products reach the hands of all its valued customers all over the country. However, we will inform you via our website or telephone line staff if the delivery location specified by you is inside or outside the available delivery areas To reach our products according to our approved quality policy and according to our marketing plan.
The delivery policy of Al-Janat Company is based mainly on the arrival of our products to our valued customers according to a predetermined schedule by our customers through the website or through telephone communication to achieve maximum comfort for our valued customers, but we may have to We are very sorry to change these times or to modify or divide the quantities in advance coordination with our valued customers to ensure that our products arrive in a safe and healthy manner, according to the quality standards applied by Al-Janat Company in order to achieve the satisfaction of our customers. The delivery times specified by the company may vary from location to another and subject to this To change in accordance with the Company's discretion, and to update our Website with such updates periodically whenever possible. Al-Janat Company is not responsible for any delay due to bad weather, traffic congestion or any major force contained in the terms and conditions that would delay the arrival of the requests of its valued customers as agreed upon in the schedule.
Al-Janat Company is particularly keen on the satisfaction of its customers and therefore welcomes all forms of proposals by its valued customers or visitors and is working seriously to put them into operation or meet them as soon as possible in accordance with the quality standards in force.
Al-Janat Company strives to ensure that the requests of its valued customers are delivered within the time frames set forth in the confirmation of the final purchase order or those agreed upon or promised by telephonic but at the same time the customer is responsible for providing the correct delivery address and telephone number Which will provide us with the confirmation of the request and to ensure that the recipient is present at the time of delivery and is supposed to receive your requests.
If the delivery agent can not deliver your requests due to an error in the information such as the delivery address / phone number, incorrect or no one to receive, receive or change the orders, the responsibility is entirely on the customer and Al-Janat Company If the customer requests a re-delivery within an acceptable period of time (within 30 minutes), Al-Janat Company will have the right to recalculate a new connection value or to apologize for meeting or delivering the order definitively. Any objection by the honorable customer.
Al-Janat Company will not be liable for the incorrectness of any of the delivery addresses or telephone numbers entered by the customer or the lack of the right person to receive the requests as well as the data entered to identify the items and quantities for all products registered and associated with the purchase order.
Al-Janat Company is keen to receive its valued customers according to the advertised prices through the website or direct or telephone calls, but these prices may change or vary from time to time according to market standards and changes of supply and demand with the promise of stability At our highest quality.
The published prices do not include the delivery costs, which will appear in the final invoice of our customers' requests according to the delivery locations, as well as the loyalty program or partnership, which is compatible with the case of each user / partner / client separately.
The published prices do not include VAT and may be added in accordance with the tax policy applied to the final confirmation invoice of the purchase order.
Al-Janat Company reserves the right to change, update, or modify its product list, product type, components, and prices at any time without prior notice and to the best of its ability and in accordance with the highest quality control standards of Al-Janat Company.
Al-Janat Company is based on the cash payment policy on delivery and the license is valid, so cash is paid at the point of delivery of the orders or products or services that are made through the website or phone at the point of delivery of the orders or products or services that you request directly from points In addition to the interest of Al-Janat Company to meet all payment methods for our customers, Al-Janat Company is working hard to add a secure payment service via the website For purchase and no price for the goods specified for the purchase order) or upon receipt by the selected credit cards FH.
The terms of the application via the website must be read in conjunction with the other terms and conditions and privacy policy of Al-Janat Company.
The majeure force
Is any change outside the limits of control or human capacity to deal with him according to mechanisms such as earthquakes, volcanoes, wars and other similar community conditions, which will not be the responsibility then in the event of non-implementation or delay in the implementation of any of the obligations contained in the terms and conditions Or the conditions of organizing the website due to this force majeure or any circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to: strikes, protests, demonstrations or other industrial conditions, civil unrest, riots, terrorist attacks or the threat of terrorist attacks And war (Whether declared or not), threat or preparation for war; fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, descent, epidemic and / or other natural disasters; and some laws, legislation, instructions, regulations or government restrictions Times that may restrict or limit the fulfillment of any of the obligations of Al-Janat Company towards its valued customers.
The legal status of the user
This site is intended for use by adults with legal capacity to enter into contracts under the laws of the state. Any user who does not have the required qualifications must obtain the consent of the parent or legal guardian to these terms and conditions. For minors who do not have the required eligibility, we advise them to leave this site immediately or use it with the consent or supervision of the guardian or the legal guardian. If you are a minor and have used this website through a visit or request, you and your legal guardian have accepted the Terms and Conditions. If you are a minor in all circumstances, you or your legal guardian must be responsible for the use of the site. Gannat may terminate this Agreement at any time without notice or publicity.
Replacement, retrieval and cancellation policy
Client First Therefore, Al-Janat Company is committed to ensuring compliance with professional, scientific and ethical standards to ensure the quality and safety of our products and ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with our products, as well as Al-Janat Company General with sustainability on it.
Our customer has the right to cancel any confirmed purchase order (under processing) within a maximum of two hours from the time and date of the order or booking.
In the event that the products arrive in accordance with the purchase order of our dear customer according to the data recorded in the purchase order, we expect our customers to abide by the promise of purchase and complete the receipt and pay the dues to Al-Janat Company directly at the time of receipt.
Acceptance or acceptance of the products means acceptance and acceptance of the products and may not be replaced or retrieved in any way except in accordance with reasonable logical reasons raised accompanied by evidence of corruption of the product or not for consumption or appropriate reasons or causes of rejection of the product to the management of the company and This will enable the Company to obtain and obtain full customer satisfaction from our products and to ensure that such complaints are not repeated by identifying the cause of the complaint and analyzing it. This will not be done without your cooperation with us and your understanding of this. If the receipt is approved after receipt, please provide the original invoice and the products should be intact and in good condition and covered with the cover of the company, which is not opened or cooked, for example, where the packaging used is transparent and the quality of the product or product can be detected outside the cover, Stored or left without care and transferred to another place or for any reason that would destroy or corrupt the product. Refunds are made in the same way as payment and do not include delivery charges under any circumstances.
Quality is the right of the customer
Al-Janat Company aims through specialized and different teams that have the highest international training programs specialized in the quality, health and safety of food products, which are committed to adhere to scientific and international standards according to the latest systems and apply them correctly from the first time, Once these products are processed, this ensures our customer stability and sustainability at this level of quality and food safety.
Confirming payment value
Al-Janat Company is committed to the sustainability and continuity of communication with our valued customers, which enhances their confidence in us, enables us to serve our employees / employees in a proper manner, and our customer enjoys the equivalent points paid to delivery and collection agents. We ask our customer to speed up and initiate the registration of the actual value paid to the delivery representative in the form prepared for that website of the company, which may include any gratuities that the customer may pay, according to the receipt that our delegate must provide to our customer upon receipt and collection together with Bill Products according to your request.
In conclusion we thank you our dear customer for your understanding and cooperation. By you, Al-Janat Company started and continued.
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