Al-Janat - For the trade & distribution of food products

Based on the principles of Islamic Shariaa, honesty and sincerity, and based on the provisions of the Constitution, legislation and laws, in Al-Janat Company, we are committed to God first to implement the highest standards of quality, health and food safety on all our food products. Which carries our logo and our brand through all stages of selection, processing, packaging and delivery so that our customers enjoy what they have to the people of the health and joy, and we are in Al-Janat Company we have full commitment to the General Code of rules and work behavior in the past All employees of Al-Janat Company must abide by and comply fully with what is stated therein.
Al-Janat Company is an Egyptian company specialized in the trade and distribution of food products, wholesale and sector, all the butcher's work, processing of meat, poultry, fish and vegetables, preparing them for cooking, cooking them in different ways, supervising others for similar activities and transferring the experiences of food quality and safety. The management center is located 2nd Floor - Apartment 22 - Building No. 163 Al-Dobat Al-Estesmary buildings - Midan al Remaya - Al Giza.
The company has been able since its foundation in 2018, through its branches, outlets and retail outlets throughout the country (6th of October City and Sheikh Zayed City) to be established by Al-Janat Company Providing its products with high quality in all transparency through the direct presence in the Egyptian market to gain the confidence of the customers wherever they are according to their marketing plan, in addition to being mainly dependent on the use of the latest findings of modern science methods, techniques and tools that contribute to the access of the customers High quality food products with ease and pleasure. So Al-Janat Company is a company that aspires to the growth and profit of Halal, like other companies operating in the same field, while at the same time working to establish the principles and concepts of quality, health and food safety in a scientific and practical way in the community through training and preparing cadres. Within the company to be quality ambassadors Al-Janat Company wherever they are or wherever they work.
Al-Janat Company is an Egyptian company 100% with 100% Egyptian capital established in 2018 according to Egyptian laws and regulations governing this activity and is specialized in:
Trading, processing, distribution and supply of meat, all butcher, poultry, fish and vegetables, whether or not in their condition or equipped for cooking or prepared by different methods.
Supervision of others on similar activities and transfer of experiences on food quality and safety and management of similar projects.
Establishing and managemenet of supermarkets.
Wholesale and retail trade, distribution and supply of foodstuffs.
The company has been able - thanks to God - to gain the confidence of its valued customers after completing and implementing the many orders and services that were assigned to it to the fullest. The company is working to increase its resources and use modern technologies and professional teams to complete the execution of all the tasks and services required with the same quality And high precision while adhering to food security and safety standards, which ensure our customers' satisfaction with our products and services from the first time and every time.
The company enjoys great confidence from its valued customers due to its previous experience in this field through the team of distinguished and professional in this field, which has the highest degrees in the field of health and safety of food, as well as qualification through many training courses that are specially designed by international standards To include all the art of dealing with different food products during the stages of selection and preparation and processing different in proportion to the service provided in terms of quality and also with international standards and scientific to ensure health and food safety for our valuable clients.
The company is characterized by credibility and transparency with customers, accuracy and great skill in implementation and commitment in time, and is keen to satisfy customers and seek to gain the confidence of more customers constantly and constantly renewed through the development of services and update the list of products. As well as presence directly and effectively in the Egyptian market and not only through electronic trading, including the absolute transparency and full credibility of Al-Janat Company.
Whatever the size of the required services or products, the quality and accuracy according to the quality and safety scheme of the company is the basic criterion for implementation and fulfillment at the request of our client.
Our Vision
Based on Al-Janat Company belief that the customer is the number one partner and the unique factor of success and continuity, the vision of the Gardens is to enrich the lives of our customers by being in first place by reaching the goal zero.
Our Mission
Providing our valued customers with the best quality fresh food products that enhance their confidence in us and also enable us to stay in the position of excellence and leadership through the application of the highest quality standards that ensure the health and safety of our fresh food products in Egypt and the Middle East.
Or Values
We derive our values from the light of the book of Allah and the gift of His Messenger Muhammad peace be upon him to be honesty, honesty and loyalty, the main motivation and the main engine of all employees of the company in all different locations and specialties in order to serve our valued clients in the best way.
Our Commitment
We are committed to God first to do our best to implement the highest standards of health and food safety on all our food products, which carries our logo and our brand during all stages of selection and processing, packaging and delivery so that our customers enjoy what they have the people of good health and happiness .
The Administrative Structure of Al-Janat
The administrative, executive and technical structure of the company includes many veterinarians, engineers, agricultural engineers, skilled technicians in the field of manufacturing and operating, accountants, qualified legal persons with great experience in this field, as well as graduates of the company's belief in the need to diversify elements And its belief in its role in providing job opportunities for the newly graduated in order to upgrade their technical level, all in accordance with the plans of quality and control and safety of our food products in accordance with the highest scientific and international standards in this area.
Our Valuable Clients
Al-Janat Company is targeting our valued customers who want the quality and excellence of municipal Halal products from meat, poultry and fresh on a daily basis, which has been dealt with in a scientific and practical manner, in terms of safety, Al-Janat Company products, which has not been frozen and has never been frozen and selected by experts, eyes and the supervision of specialized doctors and according to specific restrictions and restrictions of Al-Janat Company. (For breeding, production, slaughter, transportation, processing and delivery) at the best value added prices for all food products For high-quality modeling that equates to the declared price of each product Al-Janat Company.
Al-Janat Company is keen to enhance the confidence of our valued customers to continue to remain in the position of excellence and leadership through the application of the highest quality standards on the fresh municipal products, which ensures the gardens, God willing, the health and safety of food products, And spread in Egypt now and also in the future in the Arab countries and the Middle East.
Our Branches
  • 6 October city - 8th district (La City Mall - Opening Soon)
  • Al Sheikh Zayed - All Safwa Mall - (currently contracting)
  • Al Sheikh Zayed - Beverly Hills (Opened - thanks to God - in 10/10/2018)
To GOD we Pray.
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