Rabbit RTC

Rabbit RTC

Which is One whole fresh rabbit slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law and under the supervision of a full veterinarian at one of the legally licensed and approved massacres and that takes into account the highest standards of quality, health and food safety. Rabbit is been cut into 6 pieces by the hands of skilled chefs of Janat. The rabbit is characterized by being a reliable young source was raised under the supervision of a veterinarian and a vegetarian program free of hormones and animal sources and weighs from 1.5 to 2 kg. Therefore, the final price is consistent with the final weight of the full order within the acceptable rates of increase or decrease. The rabbits are #1 classified when it comes to the white meat in terms of health, characterized by the low content of cholesterol and rich in protein and amino acids, so described by doctors for many health cases It can be cooked by boiling only with some spices and can be fermented as well the soup of of course will be used to work of delicious Malukhia for authentic Egyptian eaters.
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