Janat Premium Beef Burger

Janat Premium Beef Burger

All Beef in Janat is a fresh, NOT frozen beef that has never been frozen. It is also slaughtered today and selected according to the highest quality standards and slaughtered at the governmental and official slaughterhouses under all the regulatory and health authorities. it is slaughtered on the Islamic Sharia to distinguish our customer with quality and safety. Janat Beef Burger is one of the most famous varieties which are distinguished by the cleanliness and quality of the healthy product and purity of ingredients of any material other than fresh municipal beef and the distinctive mix of spices and natural herbs as Janat does not add any vegetable additives such as soy flour or similar where our product 100% pure neat beef. One piece weighs is 125 gm with 13 Cm diameter. Priced in Kg, Therefore, the final price is what corresponds to the final weight of the request within the acceptable rates of increase or decrease without cutting the product. Fat Free.
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For  967  876 EGP
1 Kg × Chicken Breasts Fillet Janat RTC
1 Kg × Janat Shish Tawook Breast
1 Kg × Chicken Shawerma Mix
1 Kg × Jannat Beef Kofta
1 Kg × Janat Ch Burger Premium
1 Kg × Janat Premium Beef Burger
1 Kg × Chicken Strips Janat
1 Kg × Beef Cubes Premium
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196 EGP / Kg
1 Kg
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