Chicken Chili / Boneless Chicken

Chicken Chili / Boneless Chicken

Chicken Chili / Boneless Chicken is one chicken in full from Janat covered with its fresh skin and slaughtered according to the Islamic Sharia and under the supervision of a full veterinarian in the legally licensed and approved slaughterhouses by Janat that comply with the highest standards of quality, health and food safety. It is a complete product that has not been cut to match the cultures of our various food customers. They have been completely free of bone by the hands of professional chefs at Janat. It is characterized by being a trusted source under the supervision of a veterinarian and a vegetarian diet free of hormones or animal powders and weighs from 1200: 1600 grams before boneless operation. Therefore, the final price is consistent with the final weight of the whole order without cutting within the acceptable rates of increase or decrease. The whole hen from Janat is characterized by today slaughtering to ensure freshness.
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2 Kg × Chicken Breasts Fillet
2 Kg × Janat Shish Tawook Breast
1 Kg × Chicken Shawerma Mix
1 Kg × Jannat Beef Kofta
1 Kg × Janat Ch Burger Premium
2 Kg × Janat Premium Beef Burger
2 Kg × Chicken Chili / Boneless Chicken
2 Kg × Beef Cubes Premium
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78 EGP / Kg
1 Kg
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